Visitors flock to Ahmedabad TTF, Andaman stall leaves much to be desired

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AHMEDABAD/PORT BLAIR, SEPT 5:  Over the years the A&N Tourism Department has been participating in the Tour & Travel Festivals held in various states in order to facilitate and promote tourism.   It has been observed that while the tourism stalls put up by other states have improved steadily, the stalls put up by the A&N Administration’s tourism department has failed to follow suit.  The latest TTF at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) has not been too different either.  While the stalls of other states such as Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Himachal, Gujarat etc etc have been quite innovative using technology and displaying their culture, the Andaman stall has failed to compete.

“Andaman is unique.  Tourism in the isles where the nature’s bounties are in abundance mesmerizes visitors from mainland and abroad. We do get business from TTFs but much more can be done to attract prospective tourists to Andamans,” opined a number of tour operators attending the Ahmedbad TTF.

“Look at the stalls of other  states, how beautifully and systematically they are done up.  Their seating arrangement is immaculate.  Each tour operator gets to entertain visitors independently.  At our Andaman stall, we have a long table where the operators are seated in a queue.  The tourism department could have been more innovative.  Some video screens should have been put up to show the natural beauty of the islands  in its glory.  Nicobari girls in their traditional attire should have been deputed too.  We have another TTF at Surat from 7-9 Sept and we believe it’s not going to be different either,” bemoaned a number of tour operators from Andaman present at Ahmedabad TTF.

However,  Basudev Halder , manager,  A&N Tourism said  that  due to this  kind of  marketing we are getting good business,  Andaman shod participate in all the festival and Andaman administration is giving full support.  At  Ahmedabad Tour Travel Fest (TTF)  around 14 travel agents from Andaman are participating.  Andaman is a potential area and  the administration should provide more space.   Currently we are receiving several complaints due to less infrastructure and the participation  area is short  compared to  Kerala,  Uttara khand,  Karnataka ,Goa etc. As the number of  agents is  increasing in every fest we will focus on increasing the space with a proper setting so that we can attract and accommodate more agents.

Mr. Vijayan,  Organising Secretary,  AATO said,  ” Andaman  tourism development and promotion is very important to  generate jobs  for the people  but less space given by the administration is creating lots of trouble to the visiting agents as they have to sit on one table to promote their business.   Administration should do publicity early and according to the participation they should purchase the space at the respective TTF.  Transport facilities should increase in Andaman,  there are many good destination which should be opened  for tourism.