Kuldeep voices concern about students’ future, urges MP to allocate MPLAD fund for repair of generators

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PORT BLAIR, JAN 23:  Kuldeep Rai Sharma, PCC President has  invited the attention of the Member of Parliament, A & N Islands  towards the existing   power supply problem  and said that  the power shortfall can be taken care of immediately  if the two  alternators of the defective generator sets at Suryachakra  power plant are  repaired for which an immediate expenditure of Rs.20 lakhs  is required.    Kuldeep  requested the Member of Parliament to consider allocating 20 lakh rupees from MPLAD fund  for the immediate repair   of the alternators of the defective  generator sets in the interest of the future of our children which is at stake.  Or take up the matter with the A & N Administration and also the Central Govt./Parliament without further loss of time since each day spent without power supply is proving costly for our young students, Kuldeep said.

            In his letter   Kuldeep  said   that   the general public of A & N  islands  is   suffering badly on account of acute  power shortage since a long time.  All sections of the society, including business, industries, households, medical centers are awfully affected by scheduled and unscheduled power cuts for long hours day in and day out. The student community is inarguably the worst hit.

             Kuldeep  further pointed out  that  the total power requirement in South Andaman  District is 38 MW.  Presently, all the power generations put together, including Suryachakra Power plant, are producing 30 MW, leaving a shortfall of 8 MW.  The Suryachakra power plant can generate additional 10 MW power provided two of its defective alternators are repaired  which will cost about 20 lakh rupees. Following  the efforts  made by Lt. Governor Admiral D.K. Joshi, PVSM and   A& N Administration, the overall power situation is likely to become normal by 31st March this year.  If that happens, it will be a  big relief for the suffering masses.  However, it will be too late  for the  student community whose examination days are round the corner.  March is the month of examinations for all the  classes, including the Board exams.  This is the  time  when students have to devote long hours to prepare for exams. Power cuts  disrupt their study schedule and  thus a bleak future stares them in the face. It will be  a gross injustice to our  students if the power situation is not improved well in time, allowing them enough time to prepare for exams, pleaded Kuldeep, urging the MP to take urgent steps to mitigate the problem.