Coast Guard locates Chinese buoy off Kamorta

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PORT BLAIR, AUG 21: A team of Indian Coast Guard and PMF has located one data buoy which has drifted to Kamorta Island. As per INCOIS (Indian National Centre for Oceanic Information) Hyderabad, the data buoy was deployed near the equator and has drifted towards A & N Islands after breaking free from its moorings. On receipt of information regarding an adrift buoy, Indian Coast Guard undertook search operations along with PMF for locating the buoy. The yellow colour data buoy was located by search party off Dring Harbour on the north western side of Kamorta Island. It was discovered that the buoy has landed on the beach and the top antenna is broken and separated. The approach to the location of the buoy is only from the sea ward side, as the area is thickly wooded and due to dense forest, it can’t be reached. Coast Guard is coordinating with NIOT Chennai to ascertain further details of the buoy which is expected  to be of Chinese origin.