Black Day: Congress leads opposition attack against demonetization, GST

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PORT BLAIR, NOV 10: As part of the ongoing agitation launched by opposition party    against demonetization & GST  and to observe Nov 8 as  “Black Day”,  a public meeting was conducted jointly by Andaman Nicobar Pradesh Congress Committee, DMK and CPI(M)  at Tiranga Park, here on 8th Nov.  People from all walks attended the meeting in large numbers.

         Addressing the gatherings , Kuldeep Rai Sharma, President, Pradesh Congress party  described the demonetization as a ”Himalayan blunder” of Mr Modi which   has  destroyed India’s reliable  cash economy hitting out at honest poor, farmers, labours, artisans, small shopkeepers, businesses, fisherman vegetable vendors, road side vendors and  the  housewives. Entire countrymen, women, old and young were lined up before the ATMS and several people died  while standing in queues while thousands suffered for not able to meet the expenses for treatment, marriages, education etc. on account of cashlessness.   He said that  the NDA Government  has miserably failed  in fulfilling its  electoral promises of 2014 on all fronts such as bringing back the black money of Indians stacked in the foreign banks, employment generation, checking  price rise, cross border terrorism  etc.      Kuldeep said that  on 8/11/2016, Modi in a rush to mark his presence overnight, swept off 86% of country’s high denomination currency keeping aside all the economic expertise around him.

Barely a year after Demonetization when the economy was still to recover from  slowdown , the forceful installation of  deceptive Goods and Service Taxes (GST) on common masses, has further broken backbone of the country and its people. The people of these Islands are worst hit by the GST, as being an UT and centrally administered by government of India , there was either no tax or very meager tax for the islanders for various obvious reasons But now we have to pay two kinds of taxes CGST and UTGST which has made living unaffordable.

Shanta Singh, Noor Islam  Shri Tamil Selvam, senior leaders of  Pradesh Congress committee   in their  address   elaborated  the  sufferings  being  faced  by people from all walks of life.

Laxman Rao, K.G. Das, Banerji and other senior leaders of  CPI (M) said that  demonetization  move has not only caused price rise, joblessness for the working class particularly in the unorganized sector  but also slowed down the country’s economy. The leaders described  that demonetization was a politically motivated publicity stunt  launched by the Modi Government.  The cross border terrorism is  on the rise and immediately after the introduction of new currency, fake   currency came into the market.

A.R. Marudhavanan, State Chief Organizer, DMK party and  other senior leaders including Senthil,  Kulanthai, Kannan  also addressed the gathering.