Postal delivery delay irks customers, Post Master blames manpower shortage

3 months ago TPP Comments Off on Postal delivery delay irks customers, Post Master blames manpower shortage


PORT BLAIR, NOV 17: The postal delivery service of the Department of Posts is once again in news for wrong reasons.  The first class postal articles such as parcels and speed posts have kept lying undelivered for days together.  Even though there are many private couriers available in these Islands many still prefer to go with Post office reposing their trust in the govt. run department.  Unfortunately, their trust is belied time and again when the postal articles are not delivered in time.

Speaking to The Phoenix Post some Xth & XII class students said, “We ordered the sample papers  from New Delhi on 30th of October 2017 through speed post but did not receive them yet. Most of the parcels are dumped and lying here in the Head Post Office without being delivered.  We somehow managed to get our things only after visiting the HPO numerous times.  But we still see a huge pile of postal articles lying over there.”

Explaining the delayed delivery,  Naresh Mondal, Post Master,  said, “On daily basis we are getting more than 100 parcels and start delivery immediately.  But the manpower shortage causes the delay in spite of our best effort.   Our staffs are put  on duty even on Saturdays and Sundays but many times it becomes humanly not  possible.  Moreover, many times the delay is caused because the courier is not received in time as the airlines give priority to perishable items like fish, vegetables etc and postal items are not lifted from Chennai and Kolkata.  We are on the job as soon as we receive the first class postal articles,” he said.