Muthu Lakshmi: The street doctor with healing touch

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PORT BLAIR, NOV 16: She is not a miracle woman or a qualify doctor, but Muthu Lakshmi does have a healing touch.  For years together she is seen washing the disease off  patients  heads  suffering from jaundice on the roadside near Ayush hospital, at Junglighat, in Port Blair.  A large number of people just dismiss the idea of treating a disease through a method which is not scientifically proven.  “This is nothing more than faith healing or akin to placebo.  This kind of treatment can be dangerous,” said a doctor, giving a thumbs down to the so-called treatment of jaundice by Muthu Lakshmi.

    However, undeterred by criticism, the uneducated and unconventional practitioner continues to treat the patients who flock to her reposing faith in her treatment.

“I have been treating the patients since I was 19,” said the 47-year old widow.  What can I say about people’s opinion? Ask the patients who I have cured.  Even some doctors have been coming to me for treatment,” she said with a dismissive smile, as she continued washing the head of a patient beside a nallah.

   Speaking about the treatment, Muthu Lakshmi said that the crystal clear water being poured over the head of the patient was actually medicated. Some herbs and common spices were added to the water which completely cured the malady.  “Look at the yellowish water dripping down the patient’s head.  This is jaundice being drained out of his body.  A patient in initial stage of disease is cured after three wash others require seven, she said looking very confident.

     Vouching for her, the attendant of a patient she was treating, said that she has been approached as a last resort. “We have been to hospital before coming to her. Going to hospital was a waste of time.  The disease did not show  any sign of improvement.  Now here, there are clear signs of improvement only after two days of treatment,” he said.

     Muthu Lakshmi showed a diary containing a large number of names and address of patients who she claims to have cured.  Apart from jaundice, she gives l medicines for ailments like diarrhea, whopping cough etc.