Little Bird

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Saffron Walkover


The divided saffron outfit in Andamans is going to work to the advantage of the opposition Congress party in the forthcoming Zilla Parishad election.  A little bird has told us that the members of each  saffron faction  have decided to vote against the candidate of the opposite group.  The BJP which has a majority in the Zilla Parishad is thus all set to hand over the Adhayksh’s seat to the Congress Party which is keeping its fingers crossed.



 Mole in Raj Niwas

A little bird has told us that an employee of Raj Niwas is working clandestinely to pass on information to a section of the press.  Many times cock and bull  stories are concocted about the man in the saddle and   his son and daughter  and passed on to the media, for a price of course.  A couple of senior officials have already smelt the rat and looking for evidence to bring the rumor monger to book.


Dark Age Lovers


While almost the entire populace in Andamans have raised their arms in despair muttering – you know what – under their breath about the Dark Age unleashed by the power bosses, the only people happy about the current  situation are the secret lovers. Lovers love it.  Darkness comes handy to them.  Dark  corners and secluded places rendered even darker by the long hours of power cuts have become all the more busier places.  For them power breaks are a blessing in disguise. More the  merrier, they beg.


Disclaimer: The reports above are based on rumours taking round which may be  taken with a pinch of salt. Readers’ discretion is advised.  Editor