Letter to the Editor: Divergent view

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On  a recent trip to Port Blair I found a copy of your illuminating newspaper ‘The Phoenix Post’, in which was an article about the renaming of islands that were named after British VIPs, the reason given was that they were cruel.

I suggest should Ashok Kumar Srivastav remove his blinkers and further his research he would find much worse atrocities all over the world at that period not least slavery. I had occasion to visit Rose Island where I was approached by an elderly Indian gentleman and his wife, who praised what the British had done for India, but if there  are certain people who are churlish enough to blank out their culture and heritage, they may wish to return the millions of British pounds in foreign aid and rebuke Prince Charles’  new charity aimed at the education of 200,000 Indian children.

Print that if you dare!

Yours faithfully

R G. Bibby