Islands on the boil: Ray warns LG, lambasts DC, DSP He is my Mai-Baap: Nishant Gupta

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Port Blair, Sep 15: “What does the DC think he is? How can he deny permission to ABVP youths to stage a peaceful rally to press for their demands. Ye sab DC ki tanashahi hai. Wo kya apne aap ko Lt. Governor samajhta hai (DC is dictator. Does he think of himself to be the Lt.Governor), shouted Bishnu Pada Ray, MP, outside JNRM college here today.

Taking strong exception to the denial of permission to the ABVP members of JNRM to stage a rally to attract the attention of the concerned authorities towards the appalling conditions in their hostel, Ray protested the denial of democratic right of the students. “This is completely not acceptable. I will take up the matter with the Lt. Governor and if need be I will raise the issue in Delhi,” warned the MP. “Ours is a democratic country everybody has a right to
express views. I will not take it lying down, I will report the matter to Delhi,” Ray threatened.

Referring to the police action against protesters near Raj Niwas, Ray questioned the wisdom of the authorities. “How can LG allow such a thing to happen. I will write to him to release the arrested youths.”

Looking visibly enraged, Ray also objected to the presence of a large number of police personnel outside. The DSP (South Andaman), Nishant Gupta became Ray’s main target. “Who is he to take his own decisions? I will write against him to the Home Ministry,” he warned. Asked about his reaction to the dressing down he received from the MP, the DSP Gupta said coyly, “He is my ‘Mai-baap-like my father. Elderly people have a right to scold us.”

Speaking about the problems being faced by the JNRM students, Ray said that the condition of toilets etc is appalling. And when the youths want to stage a rally they are denied permission, he charged. PBMC Ward Councillor, Pratima Banerejee and her husband Niyamat, a Telugu Desam party member also criticized the Lt. Governor’s silence on the unrest in islands and ham-handed handling of the peaceful protest that turned violent on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, according to sources, the 11 youths arrested on Thursday from Dairy Farm junction have been sent to five days’ judicial custody. SP (South Andaman) Urvaja Goel who was present outside JNRM this morning denied knowledge about five of the 11 arrested having been granted bail.