The Editor’s Desk: A glaring example of betrayal of trust

5 months ago TPP Comments Off on The Editor’s Desk: A glaring example of betrayal of trust

The news relating to phasing out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, by the Trump administration has actually come as a big shock, evoking anger and a sense of betrayal by its beneficiaries, in the United States. However, for opponents, many said they were pleased the Trump administration had put an end to President Barack Obama’s DACA program, calling it an unconstitutional abuse of executive power.

In fact, President Trump’s decision of rescinding an amnesty protecting 800,000 people brought to the US illegally as minors from deportation, sprang a big surprise to many in the States. According to their observation, they grew up in America and are working or going to school there. Some are building businesses or raising families of their own. Many have no memory of the country where they were born. Now, these young immigrants who were brought to the US illegally as children or overstayed their visas could see their lives upended after this announcement, which otherwise protected them from deportation.

Now, it is being debated as to what could be the way out to resolve the issue. A school of thought suggests initiating action to sue in order to protect the DACA beneficiaries. But there groups of Republicans and an early Trump supporter, who observed that the President has every right to end DACA, which was started by Obama in 2012. But they, however, added that it would be unconscionable to deport those who benefited from the program.

The Trump administration and other DACA opponents argue that it is now up to Congress to decide how to deal with such immigrants. Trump , however, said that he might get involved in the issue if Congress does not come up with legislation. According to Trump, Congress now has 6 months to legalize DACA. If they can’t do it within this time, the President says he has no option but to revisit this issue.