The Editor’s Desk: Dowry cases are just an indictment of our society

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Dowry cases are just an indictment of our society
Even as we hail the triple talaq verdict as progressive, there is a long way to go for gender justice to become a reality. There are as many as 10 dowry cases registered every single day in the country’s capital alone. A worse statistic is that in spite of the number of cases registered, the number of convictions in the past four years in dowry related cases is zero. Just a few days ago, a bright, intelligent girl with ambitions to teach in a university killed herself in her in-laws home because she was unable to handle the harassment and constant demands for money from them. It is ridiculous to note that during the time when the triple talaq judgment is being hailed as a victory for gender justice, it is sobering to acknowledge that “dowry death” is a normal way for a woman to die in this country.

It is pernicious to begin with the assumption that the accuser might be misusing the law to her own advantage. While misuse is a genuine possibility, it cannot be denied that the problem is a rampant one, and one that must be addressed both from within society, and through laws. The deeply patriarchal mindset in which a woman is “given” to a man as a wife must change, because it implicitly injects a power imbalance between the husband and wife. Which, in turn, enables the belief that the groom’s family does the bride’s a favour by taking her into the family.

The triple talaq verdict may be a positive step in the direction of recognizing the rights of women, but the fight for gender justice and equality is far from over. It is only when dowry and harassment stop being “yet another” stories, that real progress will be known to have happened. The most worrying part is that despite all the laws in place, dowry is still socially acceptable. It is demeaning and devalues a woman’s worth. Once parents become a support system, dowry deaths will lessen It cannot be that parents are not aware that in giving what they cannot afford, they are opening the door to many more demands. The more they give, the greedier the receiving party becomes.