Digest If You Can- Who will be the King?

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Will the general elections to the Lok Sabha be held after the present government at the Centre completes its 5-year term in 2019 or these will be advanced to later this year is the question foremost in the minds of the politicians these days. Supporters and detractors of the government are waiting for the D-day to press the ‘thumbs down’ or ‘thumbs up’ button.  Here in remote parliamentary constituency of A & N Islands which send a lone MP to Lok Sabha, the political atmosphere is fast hating up.  Wild guesses are being made about the probable candidates from different political parties.  The divided saffron outfit has two of its stalwarts with their daggers drawn against each other.  The fierce infighting is getting fiercer with each passing day. Dirty linens are being washed in public, media is fed stories against each other and the real massacre will be witnessed a few days before the announcement of distribution of election tickets.  Last time Jolly was upstaged by Ray at the eleventh hour.  The former will be doubly alert about the ticket this time around. On the other hand, Ray has strengthened his claim all these years.  The major opposition Congress party is weighing the pros and cons of the widening divide in the saffron brigade.  The unchallenged leader of the INC is busy chalking out a solid strategy to wipe out the last time’s deficit.  He has been able to  bring his flock together and has very effectively  countered the bogus propaganda unleashed by Jolly about the gold loan fraud.  Amusingly enough,  Jolly misread the situation and committed a blunder by calling the victim bank an accused and demanding  a CBI enquiry, casting aspersions on the efficiency and integrity of Andaman Police in the process.  KRS grabbed the opportunity and took the wind  out of Jolly’s sail by he himself demanding a CBI enquiry, too. Score: KRS 1, Jolly 0.  Watch this space for more scores.