The Phoenix Post is a result of the passion and determination of a few like minded individuals who firmly believe in corrective, honest and ethical journalism. Behind every word printed on this piece of paper lies someone’s dream for the absolute truth, someone’s want for change and someone’s need for justice. These wants, needs and dreams will not be put to rest with the publishing of our first edition, it will only grow. 

With a strong sense of purpose to serve our readers with a difference and hope that the public will give our new venture a warm reception and support, we set out on a journey towards fearless journalism today.

We aim to bring to our readers factually accurate news, both national and international. Since we are based in Port Blair, we are going to extensively cover and bring to light pressing matters from all around the islands through the week. 

Our key objective is to institutionalise the practice of self-regulation, accountability, and transparency; to create a new visible framework to improve accuracy, verification, and standards in the newspaper; and to strengthen bonds between the newspaper and its readers.

We hope that our readers enjoy reading our news stories as much as we love writing them. Our newspaper will  have a little something for everyone; hard hitting stories for the avid newsreader, business news for those with a keen eye for numbers, some banter for the ones who like a light read and a section full of joy and games for the little ones. 

Come, set out with us on our journey towards a new revolution in journalism; a fearless journey in which we can all be partners and stakeholders for better administration, better policing, better schools and a better lifestyle on the islands. We are real, we are transparent, we are the change.



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